What Cause?

In 2017 when the world feels as though it is crashing around us, we are here to prove that the youthful generations of today are not a Lost Cause. Through fashion we can make statements for everyone to see, so why not give these statements a touch of individuality.


Lost Cause LDN is a brand for the dark horse who, through her Lost Cause LDN dress and accessories, navigates the night on her own terms.


We have a simple philosophy: whatever life throws at us, we embrace it with our own individuality and unique idiosyncrasies, reflected by the fashion choices and statements we make. By offering a combination of contemporary and on trend designs, alongside a price tag that is easy on the bank, we let our customers shape our clothing and us.


London is one of the cultural hubs of the world so for us there is no better place to base our brand. By being able to take inspiration from the artwork on the streets of Shoreditch, the everyday shopper walking down Oxford Street and the fashionistas of Kensington, we believe this is what gives us our edge.


What does the future hold for Lost Cause LDN? We hope that one day we will be able to grow our team, hiring passionate designers straight from the top fashion design schools in London and around the world, giving opportunities to those whose talent deserves it. As we head into 2020 we hope to be creating outfits that take us into the new era. Our dream is not just to make Lost Cause LDN an influential force within the fashion industry but also to begin offering different styles through the likes of Lost Cause NY, a concrete jungle that we one day hope to navigate.



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